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Everything Written

Have a story to tell? Whether it’s an article, editorial, advertorial, profile, website content, blog, newsletter, social media content, report, media release, video storyboard, case study, book, or letter, we’ve done it all and would love to work together.

We have extensive experience working with post-secondary, not-for-profit, and small business clients to bring stories to life. We are here to help you craft meaningful messages, whether for media relations, communications, public relations, or marketing purposes. Our bylines and ghost writing appear in traditional media, corporate media, books, and advertorial works.

Need help with editing? We do that too.

Projects and Planning

A dynamic communications plan is an important part of strategic planning for your organization, yet getting started can be a daunting task. With over a decade of experience successfully developing and implementing plans for departments and organizations of all sizes, we would be pleased to learn more about your needs and your vision for skillfully connecting for your clients.

If you are seeking creative content (i.e., photos, video or audio) or in-person opportunities to share your story, let us know! We can help with event planning and work closely with video production companies and photographers to help capture your important moments.

Media Training

Are you finding it harder to get attention from journalists these days? Or are you noticing the quality of news is decreasing? Has your organization been in the camera lens and you don’t know what to do?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, know that it’s not just you.

The media landscape is changing significantly in Canada. Consolidations, brain drain, social media, and the speed of information is dramatically affecting our news reporting for the worse.

At a time when we have access to more information than ever before, we’re less informed – and organizations are finding themselves at the mercy of journalists who are unprepared to adequately report on the stories they have been assigned.

You might be wondering what you can do about any of this, especially when it’s your organization in the spotlight.

You can help your organization secure better coverage, and help journalists capture the right details of your story. It’s your interview – the power is in your hands!

In this course, we’ll teach you:

  • Why changes in our media matter
  • The number one way to get media attention in today’s news cycle (it works!)
  • The number one mistake organizations make when dealing with bad stories
  • How to thrive in challenging interviews
  • The most important thing you need to focus on when pitching a story

This session is useful for anyone looking to give an interview, improve their communications skills, or learn more about our changing media and its effects on society.

In-person and virtual training options are available.

Our Instructor

Phil Gaudreau has worked on both sides of the microphone – first as a radio news anchor, and later in public relations.

As Co-founder of Make it Matter Media Inc., Phil has worked with small and medium businesses, politicians, and government agencies to help bring their stories to life by crafting their message in a way that is concise, compelling, and convincing. He has trained hundreds of people at several organizations about how to navigate difficult media situations and come out on top.

Phil Gaudreau Make it Matter Media Inc

Phil is also the co-author of Headliner (2020), a short book/textbook for entry-level PR practitioners or small business owners seeking PR advice.