Speaking out

It seems I am writing a lot about Alberta lately. First, it was a tit-for-tat between the province and the University of Alberta. Now, it's...the University of Alberta against itself. The Nature of The Issue The university¬†recently announced, and was forced to defend, its decision to grant an honorary degree to David Suzuki. Arguments against … Continue reading Speaking out

Salary shaming

Forget the Flames and Oilers - the Notley government vs. university presidents is shaping up to be the real Battle of Alberta. Follow the money First, a bit of backstory. Alberta is going through some lean times, racking up debt and reducing spending. In response, some universities are putting more burden on their students to … Continue reading Salary shaming

On fandom

It's tough to be a fan of my beloved Ottawa Senators these days. The team and its fans have taken a public beating over the last few seasons - over ticket sales, poor management decisions, executive departures (not to mention constant coaching changes), threats of relocation, and attempts to trade superstar players, and, most recently, … Continue reading On fandom