Speaking out

It seems I am writing a lot about Alberta lately. First, it was a tit-for-tat between the province and the University of Alberta. Now, it's...the University of Alberta against itself. The Nature of The Issue The university¬†recently announced, and was forced to defend, its decision to grant an honorary degree to David Suzuki. Arguments against … Continue reading Speaking out

Salary shaming

Forget the Flames and Oilers - the Notley government vs. university presidents is shaping up to be the real Battle of Alberta. Follow the money First, a bit of backstory. Alberta is going through some lean times, racking up debt and reducing spending. In response, some universities are putting more burden on their students to … Continue reading Salary shaming

On fandom

It's tough to be a fan of my beloved Ottawa Senators these days. The team and its fans have taken a public beating over the last few seasons - over ticket sales, poor management decisions, executive departures (not to mention constant coaching changes), threats of relocation, and attempts to trade superstar players, and, most recently, … Continue reading On fandom


An interview with Ontario's Progressive Conservative party leader Doug Ford has been lighting up social this week, as 'Ford Nation' made its stop on CBC Radio One Ottawa's morning show. Already, the Ontario Liberal party marketing machine is churning out carefully chosen soundbites of Tuesday morning's interview - hoping to discourage potential voters from considering … Continue reading Kayfabe

Creepy or Awesome: Using Fake Accounts

We're bringing back a classic segment from our former podcast, Talknowledgy, and taking a look at something that has been in the spotlight a few times recently - fake accounts. No, we're not talking about Russian and Chinese accounts (that was our last post)...instead, we are looking at celebrities setting up alternate profiles on social … Continue reading Creepy or Awesome: Using Fake Accounts

Facebook testing a feed with only friends’ updates and promoted posts

If you're a small business who primarily relies on Facebook for your marketing, the social media giant's latest pilot project is a major warning sign for you. According to The Guardian, Facebook has been testing a news feed where only promoted (paid) updates from pages and posts by friends appear in users' feeds. In other … Continue reading Facebook testing a feed with only friends’ updates and promoted posts