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Our Philosophy

At Make it Matter Media, we believe your story is one worth sharing. That’s why we work with people and organizations to help them share their gifts and talents with the world in a way that is practical, professional, authentic, and compelling.

Our clients include individuals, small and medium businesses, post-secondary institutions, politicians, and government agencies. We’ve helped everyone from small not-for-profits to large companies and government organizations go from vision to execution in their communications and marketing efforts.

No matter who we work with, our message remains the same: your story matters. We bring it to life.

How We Work

We take a holistic approach to our work, whether we’re helping you craft or execute a marketing plan, manage your digital communications assets like websites or social media channels, refine or update your brand, manage media situations, or seek new and innovative ways to tell your story.

We work with you to identify the experience you want to offer and execute the changes you need to make so it can happen. It’s not about changing tactics here or adding a new webpage there – it’s about deliberately and thoughtfully showing your clients who you are in everything you offer.

We bring your story to life through words, images, and all the other touches that will set your business apart. If you aren’t yet sure what your story is, that’s OK! We’ve helped organizations craft their vision, strategy, and key messaging too.

Though we can work remotely with businesses just about anywhere, our focus is on organizations from Toronto to Kingston to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

As part of our mission to serve our community well, a portion of the payment from every invoice is donated to poverty-alleviating charities.

That’s our story. What’s yours?

Send us a note and let’s get started.

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