Our Philosophy

At Make it Matter Media, we believe your story is one worth sharing. That’s why we work with people and organizations to help them share their gifts and talents with the world in a way that is practical, professional, authentic, and compelling.

Our clients have included small and medium businesses, politicians, and government agencies. We’ve helped everyone from small not-for-profits to large companies and government organizations go from vision to execution in their marketing efforts.

No matter who we work with, our message remains the same: your story matters. We bring it to life.

How We Work

Everything your organization does – whether online, in-person, on the phone, or in-store – needs to reflect the kind of business, and kind of people, you want to be.

That’s why we take a holistic approach to our work, whether we’re helping you craft or execute a marketing plan, manage your digital communications assets like websites or social media channels, refine or update your brand, manage media situations, or seek new and innovative ways to tell your story.

It’s not about changing tactics here or adding a new webpage there – it’s about deliberately and thoughtfully showing your clients who you are in everything you offer. Because your story matters.

What We Do

We work with you to identify the experience you want to offer and execute the changes you need to make so it can happen. We bring your story to life through words, images, and all the other touches that will set your business apart. If you aren’t yet sure what your story is, that’s OK! We’ve helped organizations craft their vision, strategy, and key messaging too.

Though we can work remotely with businesses just about anywhere, our focus is on organizations from Toronto to Kingston to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

A portion of the payment from every invoice is donated to poverty-alleviating charities.

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Who are we?

About Our Team

Too often, those with good stories to tell have difficulty in communicating that story clearly, effectively, and strategically.

That’s why Phil and Catherine Gaudreau co-founded Make it Matter Media in 2013: to share their diverse talents with those in need of help in crafting and sharing their message.

Phil Gaudreau Make it Matter Media Inc
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Phil and Catherine are former journalists who have worked in public relations and marketing for several years. Their expertise includes media relations, digital media, event planning, and all things written. Currently, Phil serves as a fractional marketing director with a passion for helping organizations innovate and succeed.

Make it Matter Media Inc. is also proud to work with a number of freelancers and partners across Eastern Ontario to help you achieve your communications goals. If you are seeking reliable website or graphic design, photography, or other creative supports, contact us anytime.

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Are we any good?

“Phil is the kind of unique individual that can look at the big picture and be detail-oriented at the same time. Precisely the sort of person you need to help grow your business. Phil took on many challenges during the time we worked together – he started and significantly grew 13 social accounts, creating beautiful, engaging posts every day of the week. He handled complex projects with many stakeholders for my internal clients with great attention and care. And he was available to assist with lots of sudden changes and pivots. Phil’s marketing competencies run the gamut – social media, strategy, event planning, media production, to name a few. I would have been so lost without his guidance and hard work. I know I wasn’t Make It Matter Media’s only client when we worked together, but I felt like I was.” -Kait Brady, Manager of Marketing, Product & Partnerships, Algonquin College Business Development

“Make it Matter was the perfect fit for a challenging mandate at the Faculty of Law: to coordinate and execute on a complex set of research promotion initiatives on a limited budget. Phil showed tremendous autonomy, creativity and drive in the execution of the mandate, not only meeting every need of the mandate but bringing new ideas and creative energy to the table in ways that added value to the project at every step.” -Matthew Shepherd, Director of Marketing and Communications, Queen’s Law

“I would strongly recommend Phil Gaudreau to anyone who is trying to communicate their real business purpose to others. Phil genuinely cares about my business and has invested the time to truly understand what I am all about. His efforts have always exceeded my expectations and I appreciate his commitment to my success.” -Dave Neely, D.K. Neely & Associates

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That’s our story. What’s yours?

Contact Us

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Kingston, ON
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